Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunday Shorts : "Ohh - thats a nice quilt!"

I've been visiting this week!  I took a trip with the kids to Alton Towers .. yuck .. oops Yum I mean!  Its a theme park  .... do I need to say more? Fortunately my youngest is only 1.2 metres and since you need to be 1.4m for most of the heavy duty rides I managed to avoid them.. hahaha.   Unfortunately the water rides were within limit and so were the water cannon pirate ships so I got exceptionally wet  instead.  But we all had a great day and amazingly didn't leave the park until 7.45pm !
Even better we had a short drive home to warm clothes and an overnight stay at my sisters house where I had a lovely surprise!  Well I say surprise - it shouldn't really have been a surprise but  I am thrilled to see that she is using her wedding quilt on a regular basis.  It honestly made my heart leap to know that it was in use .. and if you are quilter - or indeed anyone who has given a hand-crafted gift  - I am sure you will know what I mean. 

This quilt was her wedding quilt and made 4 years ago from a simple X-star block in gradated blues. I forget the name of this block but X-quisite stars rings a bell if this helps anyone. 

I had forgotten just how nicely it had turned out. In fact when she was showing me her newly decorated bedroom I remarked how nice the quilt was before I realised I had made it!  Anyway -- here are a few piccies of it and a "Sunday Short" of some video  sneaked after she went to work the next morning .... but dont tell her -- she might be cross with me! 



  1. NICE? You used the word nice, that's a fantastic quilt! In fact it's a stunner. Makes me realise I have such a lot of learning to do! Fabulouse wall paper too! I won't tell :)

  2. The quilt is fabulous. So detailed and pretty. I love the litte touches of alternative coloured quilting.
    Teresa x


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