Wednesday, 17 November 2010

what a load of rubbish!

This is my consolation for what can only be described as a complete waste of a perfectly good evening! The shopping night was a dead loss. I think maybe 50 people walked through the doors and that included the 15 or so traders! After I had paid for the table, the pizza to feed the kids cos I didn't have time to cook and the babysitter I made a stinking fat loss! On the positive side .. everyone said how lovely my stuff was and "wow how talented and clever you are" and "no... you really make this all yourself" and "but it all looks incredibly professional" BUT did they buy anything .. No! You know what sold? The 50p plastic bead bracelets! Aaarghhhhhhh! I'm off to eat my consolation cheesecake... Stuff the diet! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Shopping night .. Part 2

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Well tonight is the shopping evening at school and I and tired before I have even got there! Ive crafted like a ... uhm .. crafter .. labeled and packed. It's taken ages. Several weeks in total on and off then a flurry of activity in the last couple of weeks. I have no clue if I have made the right stuff or not though! Its also very cold and rainy outside too so I am not optimistic of much trade tonight. So watch out for a full Folksy or Etsy shop over the weekend! So wish me luck! I'll post half way through the evening if it's quiet and show you some of the things I made! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone