Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Childs Play and Modern 9-Patch

I have new quilt patterns for new classes in the works.

"Child's Play" is a small lap size quilt  - ideal for a cot quilt


a play mat

I designed this little quilt to illustrate the role 
sashings and borders 
have to play in keeping a quilt square.

"Modern-9 Patch" does the same but its ...well 

....more modern! 

Personally I love the simplicity of this my modern 9-patch

and its so FQ friendly

in fact its so friendly I only had a very very very small amount of each fat quarter left!  

 The sashing and border is a solid Kona cotton in Snow.  You can get some from me too if you want some ... along with lots more Kona colours too  ... right here!

I just need to quilt them now ... uhmmm! 


  1. Your modern 9 patch is so striking. I love the idea of no waste. Did you use an exisitng pattern or design it yourself and would love to have it. sellitt1 at memphis dot edu

  2. Thank you .. Both quilts are patterns I designed myself ... and both patterns will be available for sale in a few weeks.


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