Sunday, 15 January 2012

... and we're off!

This week saw a bit of a gear change in the QuiltmeHappy household. 
DD was safely returned to her Uni halls for the new semester and I had a new class of eager-beaver students for my Apple Barrel Scraps BOM yesterday.  

I love it when the new year starts "properly". 
Last year we had a few false starts with all the snow. Do you remember this?

The UK came to a dead stop for what seemed an age. 
My car never shifted out of the drive for over a month and the kids had at least 10 snow days. The year took a painfully long time to start moving and seemed  'grindingly slow' thereafter. So I was pleased when this weekend the year leapt into action.  

 After somewhat of a difficult week for me (I tell you more next week about that) I was feeling a bit frivolous on friday and decided to host an impromptu 2 hour flash sale at Quilt meHappy.  The good people over at The Sewing Directory and Lily's Quilts retweeted for me on twitter and it was a huge success. 

 Between 7 and 9pm we had a staggering number of visitors to the website and lots of goodies were purchased.  I was thrilled and even Mr Quiltmehappy conceded it was a success !

Anyway all the lovely fabric orders and been packaged and sent , and should be winging their squigdy way as I type. 

Its good to be off the starting blocks!

Today I am trading at Farnham Maltings. Its been a very long time since I have traded at a show and I was slightly unnerved by all the very big white vans in the car park and the vast stream of trolleys wheeling bolt after bolt of fabric into the place. So I'm feeling a little intimidated with my tiny stock of fabric. Lets hope its not a false start!


  1. Good luck! Let us know how you got on!

  2. I'll try to find you, Tracey - I'll be there!

  3. Good luck with the trade and Happy New Year!

  4. Good luck, I can't wait to see a photo of your stall!


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