Monday, 23 January 2012

A Longarm Twitter Trial!

A couple of weeks ago Lynne over at Lilys Quilts and I started chatting about Longarm Quilting. 

As some of you may know I've been longarming for almost 12 years now and naively I thought everyone knew about it and it was a been there, done that  sort of subject.  But it appears I am quite wrong. 

A lot of new quilters don't know about long arm quilting and a lot of older quitters are inquisitive about using a longarmer. So we decided to do a series of posts about the subject to try and enlighten you all. 

 Lynne has asked me to quilt her swoon along quilt for her. She has never used a longarm service either so I suggested we get together to talk about some quilting options.  Now here is the interesting part. Being either a very brave individual or a rather stupidly naive one (I'll let you decide) I suggested we did this chat on twitter and let anyone who was interested join the conversation. 

We are going to do this tomorrow. Tuesday morning (24 Jan) from 10am till 11am UK time. 

 If you would like to follow the discussion and chime in with any questions then please do. 

 I tweet @quiltmehappy and Lynne tweets as as@lilysquilts

You can also follow the conversation on too using the hashtag #LQTPQ (standing for Lily's Quilts / Tee Pee Quilting).  


Now if you fancy joining the chat but don't tweet or can't tweet because
 of the time difference or hate twitter or whatever ... 
the transcript of our 
tweeted conversation (including any extra tweeps joining in) 
will be posted on Lynnes blog so you can all get a feel
 for how a piecer / LA quilter conversation 
might go (... well one that I'm involved in anyway!)

See you Tuesday!  

p.s if you want to find out a little more about Longarm Quilting 
beforehand you can pop over to my website and click on 
for a little background info.


Thank you for your comments. I appreciate each and every one of them.