Monday, 26 March 2012

...a knee lift would be good!

Buttonhole applique around circles and tight curves without a knee lift or automatic pressor foot lift is tedious to say the least!

Oh well .. It's on my wish list now.


  1. Even if you have to eat hot dogs and beans for a month, BUY THE KNEELIFT!! It's worth every penny -- and then some. Your muscles will thank you, your sewing stress level will plummet, and your creativity will soar. You won't regret it -- I promise.


  2. Tracey, agree with Diane - you need a kneelift. I'm lucky with my Pfaff it has a kneelift as well as an automatic pressure foot that I can set to lift when I stop AND with the needle down at the same time. Wouldn't be without either.


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