Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Green is actually my favourite colour and blue is not something I naturally gravitate towards .. or so I thought until a quick evaluation of my stash revealed otherwise recently.  So it was no surprise when I saw this new range of Blue fabrics from Makower UK , called BLUE that I found myself buying some in for the shop.  Five fabrics in 5 shades of blue!

They are really rather nice don't you think!

Did you spot the lovely little blue bird in the top fabric? 


  1. These ARE lovely -- and I'm tickled by the patriotic little car peeking around the corner of the stack . . .


  2. I so love blue and was this morning searching for two blue fabrics to make a top (pattern posted on my blog two days ago) and now I think (thank you) I have found them. The difficulty is which two to choose - I love them all.
    Off to check out Makover UK. xx

  3. Now I love blue, really adore it but looking through my fabrics I have barely any blue. I don't really like pink and would never wear it or have a bag in that colour or anything. Guess what colour most of my fabric is? Isn't it strange the way that works?


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