Monday, 9 April 2012

Bobbin filling!

One of my pet hates when piecing a quilt is running out of bobbin thread. Stopping to refill the bobbin, when you're on a sewing roll, is just really annoying.

Over the years I have somehow managed to loose my spare bobbins. They seem to be a bit like bic biros, or odd socks ... where do they go?

I did buy a bag of beautiful colourful bobbins from the Pfaff dealer last summer at the FOQ. They cost quite a bit too .. almost £20 I think but they were pretty (I'm so easily caught !) so you can imagine I was more than a bit miffed when I realised they didn't fit my machine. And here I was thinking a bobbin was a bobbin was a bobbin... Not so, it appears each domestic machine manufacturer has ones to fit their machine. Now that's something I didn't know before.

Anyway after struggling with just a couple of spares I but the bullet and brought a pack of the correct sized bobbins and now I'm all set. I spooled off 9 bobbins of Aurifil 50wt in colour 2800 and now I'm all ready for an afternoon of piecing. And if you're wondering why I choose 2800 which looks light green on the spool it's because it blends so well with so many fabrics.

I also found the perfect place to store those spare refills too!

Now I'm a happy bunny today.

Happy Easter Monday!

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  1. :) I always load up as many spares (at least 6 at a time) so there's no stopping the sewing! Happy Easter to you and yours :)

  2. Great storage idea for those bobbins -- they do tend to roam off somewhere, don't they???


  3. I also only just found out that all bobbins do not fit all machines - found half a dozen now and load them all at once before I begin a project. Now need loads more for favorite colours. I HATE LOADING BOBBINS. Wish they could be bought loaded and also much, much bigger (why not the same size as a cotton reel?) xx

  4. For a long time bobbins were what put me off using my sewing machine. I could never manage to wind the bobbin correctly and then everything would tangle. I was one unhappy bunny :0(

    but then one day, I had a revelation... I read my sewing machine manual and actually followed the instructions :0) My sewing adventures started right there!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need some of this Aurifil I think. There is such a buzz about it. What makes it so good????


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