Saturday, 28 April 2012

Going Vintage

I've got a bit of a fascination with 'Vintage stuff' at the moment. Maybe its an age thing? Who know's but I've found a couple of vintage style tea-dresses that not only fit but suit! 

Today's ensemble is a Turquoise and Orange Monsoon outfit. 
I love this dress and even my hubby passed comment so it must suit because he NEVER comments on the leggings and tops I normally wear (lol !) 

I been wearing this vintage brooch with it that I found at boxesintheloft 

 I love it!

The dress isn't vintage but it is vintage-inspired and I like that the designer looked to the past to make something new and fresh.  It's a bit like this ticking stripe fabric from Makower

Its new but based on a very old design.

Traditional ticking is thick and sturdy stuff used for mattress covers and pillow cases. In fact the word Ticking comes from the Latin THECA meaning cover or case. 

Ticking's very closely woven using a 2 and 2 twill or herringbone weave. 
I'm not a weaver but I think a 2 and 2 weave is where the weft thread (the thread that goes selvedge to selvedge) is passed alternately over and under two warp threads (the threads that go down the length of the fabric) with the bonus of a reversible weave pattern.

My mum had ticking pillowcases and my nan had a mattress covered in it. It was one of those utility fabrics that you weren't supposed to see.  Well you don't see it very often on new pillows today but it is still available and quite fashionable in home decor. Red ticking is popular for french-inspired rooms and blue ticking provides a seaside feel. 

(I noticed Clothkits currently have the heavy weight version if you are looking for it btw!)

Working with traditional ticking in patchwork is not the easiest  but not impossible.  I used it last year in a commission quilt and it looked fabulous with a bunch of Cabbages and Roses linens.  (even if you did need a few muscles to lift the thing when it was finished.. lol) But working with a medium weight quilting cotton that looks like the real thing is much easier. 

So it's great when a designer takes a vintage design and updates it for modern living. 

Not sure I fancy a ticking tea dress but I do have my eye on this one from Laura Ashley!


  1. Love the dresses - my style!
    Glad you like the brooch
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh, these dresses bring back memories -- those special times of my life when I actually had a waistline . . .


  3. I love vintage dresses and anything old. Nice pics.


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