Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Let's hear it for the Red White and Blue!

If I didn't sew I think I would like to be a photographer,
or a stylist or both maybe?  

This was a fun vignette of the red, white and blue "Jub-a-olympic" fabrics 
and trims I have in the shop. 

Taken with my iPhone and no additional lighting.

I love my iPhone

I also love iCloud and mobile syncing too!

 ICLOUD is magic  - really  - its sorcery I tell you!

 I take a photo on my phone and then magically it arrives on my desktop computer too. 
No messy uploading or anything!    

Don't you love technology?

I added this to APP to my phone to yesterday too. 


I know some people don't like paypal but I love it. 
Its quick , its convenient and simple! 

With this cute app it will be a even quicker and easier to send and request money.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Feeling Blue

I've had a summer cold like no other this week


it looks like I may have lost this quilt forever!

I'm sad I liked this quilt :(

I drove 5 hours to and from


on Monday to collect it


this now extinct magazine.

I was asked to collect.
 I went.
It wasn't there.

 It's in Bristol they said! 

 A man is looking for my quilt in Bristol but its not hopeful.

I'm very sad! 

But on the upside THIS quilt may be found!

It was made by 9 different people 

as a 

charity raffle quilt.

It could be that this quilt was
raffled off!

It may come my way !

If it does ...

raffle it off!

Want to buy a ticket? 
What charity should the proceeds go to?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Winner is Jo Jo!

Last month I ran a little competition for Sibling Quiltmakers to have their quilt top long arm quilted. The competition closed today and after a random drawing the winner is :

 Jo Jo!

Thank you to everyone who entered and to those that brought backings and other fabric from my Quiltmehappy shop too.

If you want to see some of the Siblings Quilts pop over to the 

The Quilts  are gorgeous! 
The fabric selections and designs are all lovely and I haven't seen an ugly one amongst them. Infact I have been quite inspired by quite a few!  

If you would like to help but don't fancy making a quilt, you can also contribute a donation now too.

 Jump to LilysQuilts posting here to find out how. 

Many thanks again and Jo Jo ... you need to contact me!