Thursday, 24 May 2012

Feeling Blue

I've had a summer cold like no other this week


it looks like I may have lost this quilt forever!

I'm sad I liked this quilt :(

I drove 5 hours to and from


on Monday to collect it


this now extinct magazine.

I was asked to collect.
 I went.
It wasn't there.

 It's in Bristol they said! 

 A man is looking for my quilt in Bristol but its not hopeful.

I'm very sad! 

But on the upside THIS quilt may be found!

It was made by 9 different people 

as a 

charity raffle quilt.

It could be that this quilt was
raffled off!

It may come my way !

If it does ...

raffle it off!

Want to buy a ticket? 
What charity should the proceeds go to?


  1. I should love to buy a ticket and (because of my recent illness) I should like all proceeds to go to Cancer Research. Also loving the blue and will get on over there.

  2. Perhaps the proceeds should go to Cancer/breast Cancer research or perhaps heart foundation.
    Love the blue fabric. I hope you other quilt gets found.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Amazing blue fabrics. Good look to the man looking for your quilt.

    That quilt says nature to me. Something like water wells in Africa or something along those lines. Living with the land type stuff.

  4. What a shame that quilt is is so pretty! I didn't realize Sew Hip was no that's sad too.

  5. So sorry about the quilt AND the cold -- there's something going around, because it hit our household, as well. It's a stinker, isn't it??

    I'm saying a prayer for you and the missing quilt.


  6. The more I hear about Sew Hip the worse I feel for the contributors.

  7. Oh no, did you ever get your quilt back? My fingers are crossed that you did. xxxx


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