Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Rebecca Head - Fashion Graduate!

Not too long ago I had a call from a student at Bath University 
looking for help quilting fabric for one of the designs for her  final collection.  

The materials were not your usual patchwork cottons .. no indeed ... a milky white slippery waterproof fabric that I thought was PVC but turned out to be super expensive latex, layered over an airtex stretch fabric, plus a layer of fluffy batting and backed with white calico.  

The quilting was simple enough  - just straight lines but finding a process for quilting a slippery latex was interesting BUT thankfully not impossible.   

3.5m of puffy quilted snowy white fabric was the result.  

But look what Rebecca made with it!

Rebecca qualified with a first class honours and is currently overseas 
being interviewed for a MAJOR fashion house.

 I am SOOOOO delighted for her and feel honoured to have a played a 
very small part in her life. 

Look at the rest of her catwalk fashion show. 
I just love all her creations. 
Aren't they cool!


  1. Very interesting and cool work! Love the white...simple stitching worked great!

  2. Yes, they are all VERY cool.
    And very wearable too.
    Although maybethe last creation you'd wear at a party?

  3. Really amazing stuff - makes me feel dead old fashioned.

  4. I LOVE the little red riding hood fabric. So pretty.


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