Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Working a booth

It's well over a week now since I got back from trading at the Festival of Quilts and I'm still tired!  

I knew the whole affair would knock the stuffing out of me but good grief I was/am  soooooooo tired. Working 18 hour days for 3 weeks solid prior to going, loading and unloading 15-20  trolley loads of stuff and working 12 hour days at the show have took a toll on me. 

Getting the booth organised ! 
See my trusty trolley .. that so saved my back ...a bit!

Don't get me wrong, I loved every moment of it but goodness knows my body was sooooo not prepared. Overworked, over 50 and over-weight are not conducive to a being a booth holder .. lol!  

The Parson Gray target quilt kit was VERY popular and sold out by the end of day 2. Good news though .. I have new kits coming! 

Kona Cottons sold well too - in their pretty rolls and by the metre too.

The wonky log cabin quilt was made in a class I took with 
Quilt Dad at the Fat Quarterly retreat in June

and Pat Bravos delicious Art Gallery Fabrics

 It was such a fun time though and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed doing it. 

I got home late Sunday/ early Monday morning and just collapsed in a heap but a quick change of hats from shop owner to mum meant I was on the treadmill doing mummy things straight away. Dad had held the fort very well - he always does - but he was back to work and I was at the helm again. But since I hadn't seen them for quite a while we went on a day trip to London. Meeting my sister and nieces too we all had a fab day out getting completely scared out of our minds when we visited the London Dungeons experience. What a laugh. Open air entertainment followed at Covent garden then dinner at the wonderful Drury Lane Sarastro's restaurant

What an antidote to what could only be described as a FULL-ON month.


  1. You told me the Parson Grey kits would sell wwll when we met in June and you weren't wrong. Sorry not to have made it but perhaps next year.

  2. I didn`t see these wonderful Kona Cotton rolls...too bad, maybe next year. But we found this cute MickeyMouse :)

  3. Boy, did you ever work hard for this outing! Congratulations on a job well done!


  4. But you did end up with a very pretty booth!

    On a totally separate note, did you go to the loo in that restaurant? The last time I was there the wallpaper was pornographic!

  5. Hope to visit you in the New Forest this year you have lovely things x


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