Friday, 12 October 2012

A bit woolly!

Yesterday dh seconded me to help him in a cross-country mission to collect his new toy. Lunch would be thrown in and a visit to an Art and Fabric shop was promised so it didn't seem such a hard task to abandon work for the day and enjoy a stroll around Petworth. As it turned out the weather was lovely and the 45minute drive was well worth it. Even better was the chance find of a Bronte recycled wool picnic blanket in OakApple, made apparently using a process called 're-weaving' (anyone know what this is?)

The colours are very earthy mustard/olive greens and heather pink/purples. Its made in the UK and only cost £17.95 too so I was a very happy bunny.

 Speaking of bunnies.... a quick hop over to the Bronte site revealed these lovely grey blankets ....

 ....these lovely door stops

and this gorgeous weekend bag

So dh,  if you read this post ... any/all of the above are on my 
birthday/christmas list.

and just in case you're wondering,  this is dh's new toy,

that I have to say I quite like too!


  1. Thanks fo the tip - Petworth on my list of Saturday shopping places. Nice toy. And Oakapple is great.

  2. Love your new blanket - have no idea what reweaving is though! Love the grey blankets and doorstops - better not go to Petworth :)

  3. There's nothing like a Landy!!! Mine is red and a 90.... Love, love ,love it. Watch out for the waving owners!!!!


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