Friday, 26 September 2014

Consuo Consui Consutum

So I'm not going to dwell on the fact that my last blog posting was over a year ago. Things have moved on and I've retired. No shop, no longarm quilting for others and its wonderful. I now have time to sew for myself and I'm looking forward to sharing some of those makes with you again.

First up -  baby and toddler quilts for my nieces little ones.  Something vintage for the new arrival and something on-trend for the 4 year old big sister.  I love the vintage one, the Frozen one I'm a little cold about (lol - pun intended).  Both came together very quickly and I was able to use stash fabric in both (except for the Frozen fabric that I got from Roof Top fabrics).

I'm a great lover of simple designs for quilts and after years of making quilts I am still fascinated to find it is possible to create so many different designs just by arranging coloured squares.

The vintage looking quilt uses 7 fabrics in the body of the quilt in a 'trip-around-the-world' layout. It was simple to make too using strip piecing techniques.

In "Frozen" I fussy cut the figures and tried to centre them as best I could. I'm not overly fond of the way they float around on the diagonal but thats down to the print. It was the only Frozen print available at the time and since it was flying out the door I grabbed a piece while I could. Since then  more designs have hit the market that I think would have been better for the arrangement I used.

Now I am pleased with the machine applied binding on the vintage one. Normally I sew the binding to the front by machine and then hand sew to the rear. This time I stitched the binding to the rear of the quilt, brought it forward to the front and then used a decorative machine stitch to sew it down. It certainly saved a lot of time hand sewing.

  All these 2 quilts are short of now are labels. (Just wish my printer hadn't decided to give up the ghost! )

See you next time.

ps .. if you're wondering what the title of this post means --- its latin for 'to stitch'.

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  1. I am sure that the 4year old will be over the moon with her frozen quilt , and the baby quilt is just gorgeous.


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