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    Developing Language Skills

    I opened the fridge door recently to see an odd remnant of a past dinner, saved so we wouldn't waste it. I've opened the door many times this week, and the plastic box with its few pieces of melon is still there. It's a clear box, and I can see that the melon really, and I mean really, needs to make its way to the compost bin. Instead, I collect the item I went to the refrigerator for and quietly forget about it.

    A part of me is fascinated by the slowly rotting fruit. It's cool to watch how as one life decays, another thrives and survives.

    A day later, I see it again, and I grimace. It looks nasty, but it's contained in a sealed box, and the idea of opening the box is more repulsive than leaving it where it is. The little voice on my shoulder says - "deal with it after breakfast". I don't. It's still there, and I'm hoping my husband deals with it before it develops its own language skills.

    I don't speak melon, but I do know the language of Longarm Quilting.
    It has some odd words in its vocabulary; edge-to-edge, overall, pantos, throat space, bobbin race, caterpillar tracks, birds nest and more.

    There is a book called the ABCs of Longarming, I believe. I don't own it. I haven't read it. Would it be useful? Well, I suspect it would be if you are looking for a Duolingo course in Longarm. It's always a good idea to know at least a little of the local language, even if it's only to say "adios melon!"

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    Much Love
    Tracey x