I am now accepting commissions for OVERALL quilting only

Overall quilting slots available from mid June onwards

Professional Longarm Quilting

Hello!  I'm Tracey Pereira and I can help you finish your quilts!

I help you finish your quilts!

Quilt Finishing Service

You love to piece but you are not so keen on quilting?

No worries - I can quilt for you.


Rent a Longarm Machine

 You want to do your own quilting but struggle on a home machine?

No problem - you can rent a longarm machine.

Longarm Classes

You want to learn to longarm or improve your longarm skills?

Absolutely - I can teach you!


With almost 20 years experience as a professional 'quilter for hire' I have finished the quilts of hundreds of people around the globe and I am priviledged to have acquired a lifetime of quilting experience. So whether you are looking to get your quilt finished or learn how to finish your quilt yourself I am here to help.  I pride myself on offering a quality quilting service and an exceptional teaching experience. 

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Tracey Pereira Bernina Q20/Q24 Educator